My Art Style

Step. 1

The Sketch...
I create new artworks, always first as a sketch in my sketch pad. As in this case "The Three Islands".
An expressive sketch was created. As in this case "Sunrise" I color them with your future color choices.

Step. 2

The Digitization...
After drawing a sketch, I scan it and edit it digitally. Here you can see a preliminary draft of the artwork "Jeremy".

Step. 3

The coloring and creation of a new Artwork...
Here you can see the work of art "Egypt" in perfection. The artwork Reflects in the Abstract - Geometric style, it playfully reflects the basic forms of the Egyptian pyramids with a suggested eye in focus.
Explanation of my work:
Under my artworks you will find various indications.

Such as:

The color palette, many of the color palettes given are unique and designed by myself.
For example "Ocean - Color - Palette that I put together and mixed for the artwork Ocean.

The resolution and the printable size.
Each of my pictures is saved in the highest possible resolution in TIF format.
Which ensures high print quality.
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